Thursday, April 05, 2007

Made it to Ottawa!

Well despite an awful trip I made it to Ottawa in once piece. I almost did not even make it out of cancun... since my bus broke down arround valladolid, I ended up catching another buts and I caught my flight but just by a few minutes. Anyway my flight was delayed out of Atlanta for two hours... to that was anoying but not the end of the world after all. Anyway Jeanette and I ran arround town for a few hours today and ran a few erands. Its a little cold here but I am loving it, specialy coming from the crazy heat in Merida. Anyway ill try to post some more pics soons if anything interesting comes up. Actualy Jeanette and I are going for a walk in the woods tomorow so there may be some neat pics from that. Anyway here are some from today.

So maybe today was not a good day to be in the capital, you know... with the hoars of giant metalic alien insects invading the country and all.

I miss these so much in Mexico... *sigh*

Jeanette enjoying some fish and chips at highlander pub

This is the plane I flew in from Atlanta to Ottawa, dam Delta.

View from Jeanettes window this morning, its neving!

Pic of the Canadian royal mint... Jeanette and I may go check it out on tuesday along with the museum of civilization and a few other atractions

thats all for now.


Omar said...

Estupenda la foto del insecto con la iglesia de fondo… A ver si te traes un beer store para acá… sería un negociaso hasta los clandestinos tendrían que cerrar.. jajja. Oye y Jeannette se comió todo ese pescadote? Alá…! la vista desde la ventada esta bellisima… acá desde la mía veo es a un poco de viejas chismeando todos los días… jajja que envidia.

Carlos Rosado said...

hahahah si, estuvo rico el pescado... y el "beer store" es una chingonada. Tienen una variedad de mas de 300 chelas diferentes... ufff. Nos vemos cuando regrese, ojala si nos larguemos a montreal en junio.

devin said...

HEY! This is my city. I sit and read near that spider. and drink too much jd at the highlander!