Monday, January 29, 2007

Steady she goes...

Since I have been back in Merida things have been pretty easy going. There has not been any means been any lack of work to be done… but still, nothing I can’t handle. I do have to say however that I have been finding myself quite bored in the evenings… you can only read so much before your eyes just start to glaze over. I was thinking about biting the bullet and getting cable hooked up in my apartment… but the reality is that the cable packages really suck, and who really wants to watch that crap anyway? I have decided I will buy a Nintendo wii instead… so hopefully I will have that soon.

This weekend I took some pics at the “Quiero club” (a band from Monterrery)concert that Ricardo organized. Ricardo’s band (el viaje) opened for Quiero club… and actually played a pretty good set. Anyway here are few pictures from that, plus… this cool little lizard that has been hanging around my room.

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