Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Photos from Latvia 2K7

A few months before heading over to Europe, my friend Chris (who lives in Berlin) and I decided to make a little trip out to Riga for a few nights. The trip ended up being a 5 night deal instead of 3 because EasyJet cancelled our flight back, but in the end everything worked out just great. I found Riga to be quite interesting, there are many beautiful buildings, nice caffes and all sorts of places to visit. Sice the trip was in January there were only a few tourists hanging arround... which is a really good thing because it was our impression that most of the tourists that go to Latvia do so with the explicit purpose of getting obnoxiously drunk and harassing the locals... fortunately Chris and I were lucky enough to find some pretty cool local hangouts senza the drunk tourists. Anyway all and all the trip was a really good experience and really got me interested in visiting the rest of the Baltic. Anyway here are the photos.
Ill try to get the Berlin photos up tomorow

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