Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Taking it easy in Montreal

Well as you know I have been in Montreal for a few days... unfortunately I have developed a nasty cold... I think I got it on the flight over, you know how it is when you are closed up with several hundred people in a closed space for 7 hours! Anyway I have really been taking it easy... I have not really gone out or anything except for last night... Eduardo gave Mike and I hockey tickets to go see the canadiens vs lightning... montreal won 2-3 so yay! it was really neat... we got to sit in the company both and stuff... there was free beer, food... good time all arround. Anyway as I said... other than that not to much has been going on, I am doing quite a bit better so I just want to take it easy so that I can recover fully ASAP. I am going to NB on the train on the 15... so I am really looking forward to that. Its starting to get quite cold and windy over here... so I will be happy to head over to Merida... its nice to know that I am going to completely avoid the winter this year!!! hahah in your face nature! Also I finaly heard back from the UADY, it looks like we are going to set up a meeting when I get back so that we can talk about any oportunities they may have for me... its far from a sure thing, but I think it sounds of promise. Anyway I better get going, I am going to call Mitch and I think we may go see a movie at the dollar cinema! yay!

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