Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Fredericton was cool

Well all and all Fredericton was quite a good time, it was really good to hang out with Rafa and everyone... it was quite weird to be back... but it was cool... I got to see just about everyone I wanted to see so I really cant complain. I feel really bad for poor Rafa, he has the worlds worst roomates... I was there for just under a week and I was seriously thinking about just taking them out... I have the ticket to mexico ready and everything after all. As you can probably tell from my last post... being in fredericton did kinda screw me up a bit... it was just so strange.. all these emotions, all these memories... but it was like I was completely disconected from them, yet I was not. At the moment I am with Justin in Moncton but this afternoon I will get on a 15 hour train to Ottawa... ewwww. I am gonna go visit with Jeanette for a few days and after that I think we are going to be going to Montreal... I leave on Monday so that is fast aproaching! Anyway I think that is all for now. Post soon.

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Anonymous said...

Fredericton is just a strange place Carlos. Damn but you've got me missing it too, and I hardly spent any time there.