Sunday, October 09, 2005

Brugge is way cool... I will never make fun of Belgium again

Yesterday early in the morning I decided on impulse to go to Belgium... so I got on the train and made my way to Brugge. Wow what a nice city... seriously it has to be one of the nicest spots I have found in europe... what a romantic place. Anyway I spent all day yesterday there and this morning I got on a train to Brussels. Honestly Brussels seems to be basicaly like any other large European city... and I am quite sick of those... so I have decided to start making my way to Berlin via Luxemburg. I will go to Luxemburg in a few hours or so and then from there take a train over to germany... possilby stop in Frankfurt and then go to Berlin... that is the plan anyway. I should be in Berlin quite soon... as you know this leg of the trip has not quite gone according to my plan... but thats travel! Anyway Belgium is quite cool... lots of amazing chocolate, wafles... basicaly what you expect!... but it is quite expensive... specialy Brugge... but its worth it, I think it would be a really nice place to go on a honeymoon. Anyway I guess I should get myself organized so that I can get on the next train to Luxemburg... I have no idea about what there is in Luxemburg... or what the hell language they speak or anything... so ignorant about this country... I just know that it is on the way hahaha. Who knows, it may be really cool... right?

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