Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Berlin at last...

Well five days late, but I finally made it to Berlin. After a few days in Luxemburg and many many many euros latter... I manged to make it to Germany. The past week has been really stressfull... there is so much going on in my personal life which is draging me down, and I am simply broke and exausted! I know that I have made some mistakes in the last few months (understantement) but what done is done... and I cant change any of it. *sigh* Oh well its really nice to be back in Berlin... it really is a great city. Daniel and his GF made me a nice mexican supper last night... was very nice of them, I was absolutely famished by the time I arrived. Anyway all and all things could be much worse... after all I am in Berlin for 3 weeks! Yay!!! I am however really looking forward to getting to Canada and Mexico... and starting to get my real life back in order... or some semblence of order.
Yea what ever. Ciao.

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