Friday, July 22, 2005

Last couple days in Denmark

Well I just have a couple more days in Copenhagen, its an ok city but I think my visit has run its course. Ofcourse in a sense I am killing time here till Paris and am kinda paralized since its so expensive, but oh well all and all its not been bad at all. I really dont have much to tell although the weather today was quite good which is great since it had been raining all day. There have been some really anoying people at the hostel and some worth talking to for a bit... but as for the Danes, as nice as they are the result very hard to aproach... its a real challenge to get to know people from around here... but I gess this is generaly true of all of Scandinavia anyway. In anycase its Paris on Sunday, I SO hope the trip goes easy and that I dont run in to to much troulbe and find the hostel with ease.

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