Tuesday, July 26, 2005

In Paris!

Well I arrived in Paris a few days ago and cought up with Sergio. The first hostel we stayed at was shit (3 ducks) but the one we are at now is actualy quite good (Aloha Hostel Paris). We would like to stay a few more days but we dont know if we will be able to. After paris we are gonna meet up with maggie, although I am not 100% sure what we are doing yet, but I am sure we will have a great time no matter what it is. Paris is really cool, much cleaner than I thought... and the people are actualy quite nice, suprisingly actualy... maybe its cause Sergio and I are always speaking spanish and at least atempt french. Anyway all is good... as far as the pictures, have not been able to upload any yet, but maybe ill find a better cybercaffe tomorow... as long as the FTP site is back up. Ciao!
- Carlos R.

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