Sunday, June 05, 2005


Well I am in Rome, that was one hell of a trip... I am so tirred but I am running on 100% pure adrenaline and excitement. The Jett is really hitting me hard and I think its going to take me a while to shake it, but oh well I will survive. I stayed with mike and the guys lastnight... or was that 2 days ago? or was that today??? what ever... anyway Mike and I went to go see the Seindfeld stand up, it was pretty good I must say. Anyway back to Roma, I had forgoten how crazy this city was, I got in at rush hour and there I was with all my bags on the metro, worried as hell I was gonna get robed/molested by a gang of gipsies... fortunately not gipsy molestation yet, YET! Well I am still in schock so I am not sure what more to say, expect more exciting updates soon,

Ciao, Carlos

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Anonymous said...

I think Roma needs so time to get used to when you go back cause you would forget that the Eternal City doens't really sleep.

Good to know that you haven't been molested by gypsies yet. Although my warning still stands about leaving your wallet where people like me can get to it. *big smile*

Was the trip just hell cause of the long flight? Or did you get stuck sitting besides someone who wouldn't stup up?