Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Florence... and rain rain rain

We are now in florence, sadly its been raining like a moffo for 2 days now. What a pain in the ass. Roma was lots of fun ofcourse, we went to go see the pope and got some pictures, thank goodness for high optical zoom. There is a pizza place near the campgrounds which is amazing so I think I gotta get me some of that latter on today. This rain is a real pain in the arse, aditionaly the fact that we are staying at a camp ground in a tent does not really help, everything is very muddy and not that plesant at all... we have not even really been able to go in to town or hit any museums!!! I sooo hope it gets better soon. On the 18 its barcelona for us, we leave from the Pisa airport which seems to be only like 1hr 5Euro train away, so I hope evything goes well. In any case I will be Spain bound soon! Take Care.

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Anonymous said...

I never did make it to Florence-- I don't think I would care if it was raining. Mind you if I was at a campground I would. So who is this collective we? Janette (That isn't spelled right) or were you traveling with Alan? Why haven't you been able to get into town? That's insane. Due to all the rain? Man, I hope that Spain is less rainy.