Monday, March 27, 2017

Birding at the Aquaparque

In the over 10 years since I started this blog never have I taken such a large leave of absence! In my defense (and I know this is my go to excuse)  things have been absolutely insane. I have a few trips planed for this summer and hopefully this will provide me the opportunity to get outside, enjoy nature and take lots of photos; as I used to do all the time. In any case a couple weekends ago I made my way to the "Aquaparque" here in Merida for a little birding and wildlife photography. It had been several years since I had visited the park located in the south east of the city, but I was not disappointed. I made the trip with Michael Schuessler who was in town for the big anual book fair (the FILEY) and we managed to observe and photograph many species such as the graysih salator, great egret, cormorant, tricolored heron, social fly catcher, limpkin and my personal favorite, the northern jacana! It was a fun morning followed by some delicious huevos motuleños downtown so all in all no complaints!

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