Friday, August 19, 2016

Central America 2016 pt. 2 (Island of Flores)

After our day in Tikal we made our way back to our hotel in Santa Elena on the banks of the Peten Itza lake and straight across from the island of Flores. One of the things I was most surprised with during this trip was the marked improvements regarding the roads through Belize and northern Guatemala. Though still not nearly as good or fast as those you find in south eastern Mexico... the roads for the most part where quite decent and a huge improvement over what they had been. The island of Flores was of-course as charming as ever with its narrow streets, beautiful views and boardwalks. Every time I am in the Peten I wish I could slow down a bit more with all the archaeological sites and just enjoy Flores a bit more... but my desire to get out and visit new places always get the better of me. In any case, hope you enjoy the photos.

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