Sunday, October 05, 2014

It gets cold in the Arctic? you don't say!

Well given that it is now October, I should hardly be surprised that it is starting to get cold. The cold itself has actually not been that bad, its those darn arctic winds. We have had some snow but the rain has been pretty good at washing it away. I just hope the winter is relatively mild (I hear last year was quite a challenge). Anyway things up here in the Arctic have been very uneventful, I am mostly spending my days at home with the baby and trying to get out as much as I can when the weather allows. I hope we are able to do a little trip at some point during the winter but the cost of just getting down to southern Norway is insane... really much worse than I thought it would be. There was a King Crab festival in town this weekend. Its a fairly small place so I was not expecting to much... and yeah, there as not all that many people out. At least Jeanette bought me a nice bowl of Crab stir fry which was delicious. Anyway that's all for now.


Unknown said...

Hi Carlos, finally caught up with you and the family, great photos and great text, very enjoyable... Even the crab looked delicious.... Love to all, Mary

Anonymous said...

Actually, it is quite warm for that latitude where you are. The sea brings warmer wáter from the south. If you were in the interior it would be a lot colder. Parts of the US get colder than the Artic Circle. What would get me is when the lights go out and the sun is gone for a couple of months.

Carlos Rosado said...

This is true... having lived in Atlantic Canada I am not THAT worried about the cold (though still dreading it) The darkness will be a challenge... but its not like we have any choice up here =)