Thursday, February 27, 2014

Eye in the Sky Mexico

Last week I finally got my hands on my Phantom UAV! I have for many years thought about how cool it would be to do areal photography and its only quite recently that this kind of technology has really been available outside of the military. I have already made several flights and here are a few examples of the images I have captured so far here in Merida. I am also offering up my services to take photographs/HD video of  real-estate, industrial plants, farms or what ever really. If you or anyone you know is interested in this kind of thing, shoot me an email at . I have also set up a facebook page, so check it out!


The Pickled Onion said...

Hi Carlos good photos but now you have to work out the kinks .... to get rid of the curve. It can be done but I dont know how.. Jonathan at third eye did it on mine.... hope you dont mind me saying .. just trying to help.

Carlos Rosado said...

Its not a big deal, it can be fixed easily with photoshop =) in some uses I think its kinda nifty.