Sunday, March 03, 2013

Beer run to Denmark

Last week I took an over night cruise to the northern Danish city of Frederikshavn to pick up some groceries and beer in what seems to be turning in to a yearly tradition for me. Though prices are quite a bit lower in Denmark than they are here in Norway, the shopping was really just an excuse to take advantage of the free trip the cruise lines offer during the winter... presumably because they realize it is way to cold for any sensible person to want to travel. The cruise company makes back the revenue by selling over priced food and trinkets in the on-board shops. Yes the food is mediocre, yes its over priced... and yes the selection is not that great, but the prices (and much of the selection) are still better than in Norway so once those shop doors open people just flood through. The the town of Frederikshavn itself is small but fairly nice... however cruise passengers don't really get to see to much of it since only a couple of hours are afforded to exploration and off the boat shopping before the ship is Norway bound once again.In any case here are the pics!

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