Friday, December 21, 2012

Happy 14th Baktun everyone!

Well its the 12/21/2012 and we are all still here! This entire "Mayan apocalypse thing" has been crazy annoying but at least through all this silliness more people than ever have been made aware of this great civilization. This being said, its important to keep in mind that the Maya are not gone. There are literally MILLIONS of Maya spread out through Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras and El Salvador. The five past five centuries have not been particularly kind to the Maya but Mayan cultures are still thriving (yes plural, there are several) and the Mayan language in the form of its 30 (approximately) contemporary dialects comprise the second most spoken indigenous language in the Americas.

Exploring archaeological sites in Meso-America has for as long as I can remember been one of my very favourite things. Some of my earliest memories are of travelling with my father to sites such as Coba and Uxmal. I have been fortunate enough to visit approximately 100 different sites in Meso-America... the great majority of which being in the Maya Area.

Anyway, I have here posted my photos of 70 different Maya Archaeological sites (four of each). I Hope you enjoy the photos and that maybe they will peek your interest in learning about Mayan archaeology past Chichen Itza

* For some reason the meta-data on the photos seems to have gotten messed up, but if you have any question about any of the sites give me a shout @carlosrosado

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