Friday, October 12, 2012

Chacmultun with dad!

A couple of months ago I made way way with my dad to Chacmultun for a day of rummaging through the jungle and enjoying a little archaeology. I had been to the site last year but my father said he had not been there for approximately thirty years so he was very interested to see the result of all the research and excavations done over that period. I am just posting the pictures now because I just this week found the photos on a memory card which I had misplaced. Chacmultun which means "mound of red rocks" in the local Yucatec-Mayan language, is located in the municipality of Tecax, on the foothills of the Puuc valley and is truly impressive for its architectural beauty and gorgeous landscape. Chacmultun is representative of Puuc style architecture and is comparable to other sites in the area such as Kabah and Labna, however perhaps due to its out of the way location it is seldom visited by anyone... perhaps in great part due also to the fact that it is not an official part of the "Puuc route". Definitely worth the trip!


Debi in Merida said...

so what did Jorge think? had it changed much?

Carlos Rosado said...

He really enjoyed it... he said that when he had last visited there had been very little reconstruction done.

Zane Culliton said...

I miss mexico, love poking around old building and imagining what it would be like in it prime