Sunday, August 26, 2012

Fun times at Xochimilco!

A couple of weeks ago Jeanette, my parents, my friend Rafael and I made our way out to Xochimilco. For those of you who have never been or have never heard of it... it is basically one great big over the top floating  party on a river. Popularized in Mexican culture by way of cinema en the early 20th century, the river system which was previously used for cultivation an transportation (since Aztec times) became a hit with tourists both domestic and international. Now the thing about Xochimilco is that yes, it is extremely over the top... all those stereotypes about Mexicans all dressed in great big sombreros, chugging down tequila and tacos while occasionally pausing for a nap... yea, it all happen in Xochimilco... its kinda like Mexico on steroids. Anyway the whole thing is quite fun; there are tons of food/beverage/toy vendors and musicians which sail down the river offering their goods and services (at extremely inflated prices) to tourists, the music is loud and the barges seem to crash in to one another every couple of minutes which always gives everyone quite a jolt... but alas, it is part of the fun! Anyway I hope you enjoy the photos.


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eldani said...

chevere las fotos, me recuerda ademas a mi prepa que quedaba cerca de Xochimilco. saludos a tus viejos.