Friday, July 22, 2011

A sad day...

As you surely are aware, Norway has suffered two separate gruesome tragedies in the past day. The nation is in shock as are people around the world. The comment that seems to be echoed the most is "why Norway?".

When people think of Norway they think of wide open spaces, a free and open society, a prosperous and generous people... and all of those things are still true. While it is still not entirely clear who committed these deplorable acts the sad truth is that many people lost their lives and many others where gravely injured.

The contrast between what Norway has experienced and the national psyche is at this moment simply not reconcilable but Norwegians are a strong and stoic people who are sure to get over this great tragedy. I have strong ties to this wonderful country through my soon to be wife Jeanette and am blessed to live in a city as free and wonderful as Oslo.

The coming days and weeks will shed light on the authors and so called justifications of these deplorable crimes and while the scars of July 22nd will live on, the people of Norway will remain strong.

Jeg elsker Norge!


Joanna said...

Well said Carlos! I look so forward to seeing your lovely city... soon! In less than two weeks, we will all be together. We love you.

Lorraine Baillie Bowie said...

Thank you for the beautiful photos of helps balance out the trauma.