Sunday, January 23, 2011

Parrots, Centotes and Hawks... oh my!

This was a fairly laid back week... I have been working quite a bit so I have not had to much time to get out and shoot, but I have at least been able to catch a few interesting images in the back yard... fortunately I live in Yucatan and my backyard is quite an interesting place :)
As you can see by the first couple pics I have been stalking the neighborhood parrots again... these guys are really loud and a bit hard to photograph, but fortunately this week I landed a few decent pics. Also I got a couple photos of a Sparrowhawk, but they seemed came out quite over exposed... oh well, was still fun to see the little guy. I have also thrown in a few photos from Cuzama... which I have always found particularly difficult to photograph... I will actualy be back there next week with my friend Daniel who will be visiting from Germany and since I hope to go on a Monday... I will probably have more of a chance to get some nice wide shots without having to worry about other people (fingers crossed!).


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