Sunday, August 22, 2010

FINALY some decent weather!

Norway is a beautiful country, unfortunately the weather this summer has not been exactly ideal, as a matter of fact it feels like ages since we last had a sunny day. Anyway as luck would have it today was gorgeous and Jeanette and I got invited to join her sister and boyfriend (along with another couple of their friends) to boat along the coast and do some fishing and mushroom collecting. Unfortunately we did not catch any fish, but we did manage to find bucket-loads of mushrooms and a few interesting little critters and plants. Hope you enjoy the photos (And thank you Lone and Bård for the invite).

What a handsome fellow!

These beautiful little flowers seems to be all over the place in the shallow waters along the coast

Clouds looming (it did rain but only as we were pulling up to the dock!)

I know it does not look it, but this is actually a color photograph... no BWGrayskailing

I realize this is a bit random, but remember how I mentioned mushroom picking? well yea. The variety of mushrooms on this one little inlet was crazy... there must have been at least a good 30 distinct species on a 80 square meter stretch... evolution sure is wonderful! Anyway here are some photos of a few of these fungi I found the most interesting.

That's all for now!

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