Friday, May 21, 2010

Mayan Ruins at X'oot (and some neat orchids)

Last week I made my way to Santa Elena with my dad and sister to go visit the archaeological site of X'oot (I have found tons of different ways of spelling this site). X'oot is about 10km from the town of Santa Elena in what is known as the Puuc valley. There has been virtually no restoration work done although there are now some cleared paths which allow visitors to visit the site without the need of a machete (always appreciated!). There are several significant visible structures along with 2 large pyramids. One interesting thing about the site is that from the top of the larger pyramid you can see Uxmal (about 10km away). Unfortunately the day I was there it was quite hazy... so hopefully next time I will get some better photos of uxmal from X'oot.

Abel, Our guide through the milpa (if you need a guide to access remote sites in the area this is your man, send me a message if you would like his contact info).

Uxmal as seen from X'oot

Atop a pyramid

Pyramid at X'oot

The site is surrounded by corn fiels

The landscape is quite rigid and there are many forks in the road, unless you know exactly were you are going you need a guide.

And for dessert... some orchids from my moms garden!

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