Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Santa Elena and Mul-Chic

Today I made my way with Jeanette and 8 other people to the town of Santa Elena. Santa Elena is about 15k past Uxmal and 8K before Uxmal. The town is small but fairly cute, however there is not much work and many of the men of the city have emigrated to the united states and particularly to San Francisco (thus the curious welcome sign with a pyramid, the towns church and the golden gate bridge). While at Santa Elena we had a nice bite to eat at the pickled onion and visited the archaeological site of Mul-chic. Mul-chic is an interesting but very little restored site. From what I understand there was some work done there in during the 60s at which time they removed some painted stucco murals and moved them to Merida. However that was nearly 50 years ago... so as you can imagine the site is very much covered by the jungle... which makes it quite charming and adventurous a place to see. After our little hike out to Mul-chic we went in to the town and visited with our guides (Abel) family and got to snap some photos. Hope you enjoy the pics.


Lennie martin said...

Very nice pictures of the forest around Mulchic and the structures of the Mulchic ruins, also Santa Elena and Abel's compound. It is a different experience of Maya ruins and contemporary Maya village life, I highly recommend it. Contact Abel at cel 997-101-0126(he speaks English).
Lennie Martin, Merida

Carlos Rosado said...

@Lennie martin, thanks Yea I know Abel, he is a good guy :)