Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Central America odyssey pt. 11 (Final post! Iximche and Mixco Viejo)

Well, here we are... the final post of the trip!
I visited Iximche on a day trip from Antigua... the weather was not that great, but I am still glad I went. Established in 1470 Iximche was one of the last (if not the very last) Mayan city to be founded. It was also a spot of very early meso-american/european comunication. Once the Spaniards arrived they formed aliances with the leaders of Iximche which allowed them to preserve the city. Obviously this "aliance" did not last for very long.
Mixco Viejo is about half way between Antigua and Guatemala city. I went there with my good friend from (great site, in spanish). The city was built in the 12th century during late postclasic period on. The site is build on a montain top and offers some truly beatiful views. I am yet to go to Machu Pichu, but from what I can tell in photographs, mixco viejo seems like a miniature of this famous Inca site. Truly wonderful!

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norm said...

Mixco Viejo was one of my favorite ruins in Guatemala my last trip down. I left there and took the old Royal Road (route5) north, some of the best back country driving I've had in Maya land. Top end was 6 miles an hour.