Saturday, July 11, 2009

Central America odyssey pt. 1 (Panama city)

Well after an entire day of travel, I finaly made it in to Panama City last night. I was really tirred so I basicly went directly to bed. This morning my cousin Raul (who lives in the city) took me out to get some breakfast and then to see the sights.

The food was very nice but VERY heavy

After our hearty breakfast we made our way to the very impresive panama canal. There we watched several boats go by as well as a quick visit to the canal museum, very neat stuff.
After visiting the canal we made our way to the old part of the city called "casco viejo". Old Panama is quite nice and reminds me a bit of Havana, however like Havana it is quite run down. There are reconstruction efforts being made, but they have quite a far way to go.
Cool old door

My cousing buying us some "granizados" (flavored shaved ice with sweet and condensed milk)
A photo of the presidents recidence... as such there is security. Now most places that require sequirty and turn to animals use dogs... I could even imagine using a aligator or lion, but not the Panamanians, they have these guys
:) aweee what are you gonna do? cute me to death? in all fairness these birds are very big, like 1.20 meters tall.. but still. Honestly I don't think they are really for security... but they did seem kinda agresive.

Very cool gold altar.
Anyway that is all for now, there will be plenty more in the coming days and weeks... however I do not know how often I will have computer access... so check regularly.

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yucas frita, tortilla, chicharrón, patacones, no tienes idea la envidia que me da...

Que bonito mi Panamá