Friday, February 20, 2009

Chiapas / Campeche / Tabasco Feb 2009 Pt. 3 of 3

Hey there. Here is entry 3 of 3 of my last trip to Chiapas/Campeche/Tabasco. Hope you enjoy the pics. I will be going away on a short trip tomorrow, so I will probably have some more photos up sometime next week.

shot at el Cañon del Sumidero, near Tuxla

Neat tiled churched in Campeche

Kinda funky fountain with the cathedral in the background

The Cathedral in Campeche

Panoramic shot of Palenque taken from the temple of the cross

Catacombs within palace in Palenque

Just some moss, I thought it looked kinda cool

Some nice looking flowers

Shot taken from inside a little bathroom somewhere in the mountains of chiapas

Thats all for now, make sure to check the site again soon.

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