Thursday, August 21, 2008

This week in Photos (third week of August)

The last few weeks have been quite good for shooting, although I have not really been able to get out of town, I have managed to get a fair amount of photos I am quite happy with. Also I have a few shows coming up, so stay tuned to the blog... since I will be posting more info on this soon. Anyway here are just a few pics I took this week and would like to share. The first four photos are of these old books I found abandoned aboutside... it was really quite sad, since some of them were quite nice... I guess not everyone apreciates that kind of thing. The fifth photo I like to call "The poor mans Eiffel" or "Eiffel Fayuka" (for yucatecos). Hope you enjoy them.


Anonymous said...

Te faltó mencionar el chofer que tenias ese día...

Estupendas las fotos.

Anonymous said...

the eiffelfayuka reminds me the art poster of fritz lang´s metropolis,is so cool =)