Thursday, September 13, 2007

Turibus and Mexican independence day

Hey there. Well its been a couple weeks since I last posted so I figured it was about time to haul some pics online. Anyway, yesterday I went with the first years at TTT (the school I work at) on a kind of touristy bus (aptly named the Turibus) on a bit of a ride around the city… since many of them are not from town and it’s a good way for them to get their baring a bit better. Anyway its always a nice opportunity to take some pics…I got quite a few but I will only be posting four, since I want to save the other ones for a series of posts on Yucatan I’m thinking about doing in the coming weeks. So anyway here are the photos. Oh yea, in case you are wondering what’s up with all the flags… its Mexican independence day this weekend, check out the wikipedia article if you like:

I love my zoom lens... I got this pic all the way from the bus and still its so nice and crisp. Creepy looking buskers eh?

Flags we got flags... hey.. I said flags!

Just a shot of one of the city hall buildings

"Monumento a la bandera" or monument to the flag... this is the place yucatecos go celebrate when ever we win anything in any sporting event... its fairly nifty, i should post some more pics of it some other day.

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