Thursday, November 09, 2006

November 2006 Trip to Chiapas!

So I know I have not posted for a couple weeks. Things have been really busy and I have not had much free time. Anyway I will make up for it today. As you can See I have posted 10 new pics from my latest trip to chiapas. I went with a group of Canadians that come on a field school to TTT and we were away for just under a week. Jeanette and my parents also came along, so that was lots of fun, kinda like a little free vacation =). Anyway I was quite happy with the pictures I got, there are way to many to post them all... so here are a few of them. The first pic as you can see is not so much a picture as a collage of images I took (I think its kinda interesting). Most of the other pictures are self explanatory so I dont really think I need to rant to much about them. The second pic however I find really interesting...I just really like the fact that this woman out in the middle of the mountains is SMSing... its a changing world!
Anyway Enjoy the photos! As always feedback is always apreciated!
-Carlos R


eldani said...

que buenas las fotos! me gusto la de la cara de la viejita y la del perro.

Anonymous said...

Muy buena foto la del perro, podrias enviarla algun concurso primo.

Manuel Miranda Rosado.