Thursday, August 31, 2006

Teaching, mortgages & live in girlfriend

Ok ok… I am not panicking, but how the heck did this happen? Its and honest question… I would really like to know.

So last year I was still bumming around Europe… actually I think I may have been in Turkey or something… but anyway you get the picture, and now all this. I have no idea how things changed this fast… but its not like I am complaining. I am really grateful for the opportunity to be able to start paying off a little house, I am super excited about Jeanette arriving tomorrow and I think I will quite like this teaching thing (even though I am only doing it for 3 hrs a week… so meh). However that being said, maybe yea… a little freaking out is going on.

Sometimes when I get in to these panics I just wanna pack up and get the heck away from here! I have been obsessing for almost a year about just leaving everything and moving to Berlin for a few years, I mean I am still young…. I am still in my mid 20´s, I have tons, well maybe not tons… but lots of cool years which should be spent drinking and traveling care free through the world… well at least that is the way it SHOULD be.

In a way I guess maybe all this is good for me, and hopefully by the end of this year I will have a better idea of were I am at not only with Jeanette, but professionally, economically and all those other “allys´s” which grown ups have to worry about. The problem of course is that I am not quite yet a grown up. You may think that sounds obvious, or maybe silly… or perhaps just downright pathetic, but alas… it’s the way it is. LOOK AT me GOD… I used to hate people who would post BULLSHIT like this on their blogs…. As if anyboby other than like 5 or 6 friends actually took the time to read it… and of course they all know this anyway because I am constantly bitching about these issues at them personally. So on that note… sorry for wasting your time. Maybe in my next entry I will have something a little more fun like a picture of a cute wet kitten on a water slide, yes… that would be good

- Carlos


Anonymous said...

it's alright carlos. you can bitch for as long as you want. i have the feeling that you will likely be the one who will be wanting to not be tied down for many many a years.

eldani said...

entonces, te espero en berlin? avisa para conseguirte una bici bara y preparar la fiesta de bienvenida.