Saturday, March 25, 2006

Home at last!

Well after 3 weeks on the road I sure am happy to be back in Merida. All and all the trip went quite well... even thought the expo in ciudad del carmen got cancelled and stuff like that... but oh well as I said, in general things went quite well. I hope that I dont have to much work this week since the week after that I will be back on the road doing promotions and the week after that I will be in Canada for work also... so, I guess there is not much room for R and R for me in the near future. On the upside I will get to spend some time with Jeanette while I am in canada... not to mention with those morrose spics in montreal jaja... mike remember that you owe me beer for taking my shirt off in that hotel loby! Another cool thing about getting home was that I discovered that my parents finaly joined the 21st century and put a high speed wireless modem in the house... I was very impressed... but from the "keeping me the hell away and out of their lives perspective" not such a good move hhahahaha. Anywa today my aunty barb will arrive from Vancouver, so good times! Anyway I guess that is all for now, oh yea... by the way Transmetal is gonna be playing in merida april first, so if you are in the area dust out those black tshirts and start tu fuel your angst with some angry music! hoorrrrayyyy!!!

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